Limo service from Boston Airport to Fanway Park


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BCCLimos Limo Service from Boston Airport to Fanway Park is one of the best you can find. Try our limo service once and you will always come back to us.

BCCLimos is a first class from Boston Airport to Fanway Park car and limo service. We serve Boston Logan as well as all major airports. When Boston Limo Service was started, the goal was to serve any customer with any possible requirements for a limousine. We are proud for achieving this goal every day. You can always count on BCCLimos for transportation when you need it, for every situation and for any occasion. Whether you are looking for just a ride from the Logan airport or a luxurious appearance in a casino, prom’s carpet or wedding, our limo fleet is equipped and ready to help you with everything We work all time, 24 hours, 7 days a week!

What are the benefits with Fanway Park car service "BCC Limos"?

  • 1. We use high-tech and luxurious cars;
  • 2. We work seven days a week, 24 hours a day;
  • 3. We have a dress code;
  • 4. Transportation from point to point;
  • 5. The price of a trip to BCCLimos is not much higher than in a taxi;
  • 6. We arrive a little earlier so you do not have to wait;
  • 7. Our cars are always clean and in a sense fresh;
  • 8. The trip will be carried out with maximum comfort;
  • 9. Drivers are always professional and gentle.


From Boston Airport to Fanway Park limo service by BCC Limos offers superior car limo and sedans for all situations. Whether you are looking for corporate travel or roadshows, our limousines for your special event will be ready to assist. Our hourly rental chauffeur service are perfect to: Corporate transportation, Airport, Group, Meeting & Events, sporting events and other. Do you want to know our rates for Corporate Roadshow from Logan Airport to anywhere? Use our convenient registration form. Wherever you are and wherever you go we do our best to make your travel safe, comfortable and unforgettable.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work for you. Our car and limo service is ready to help you anywhere you want to go, with a BCCLimos!

Limo service from Boston Airport to Fanway Park

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About Fanway Park

Fanway Park is a famous baseball arena where the main League matches take place. This is also the home stadium of the Boston Red Sox team. The main attraction of the arena is an 11–meter-high Green Monster wall enclosing the field. The stadium holds about 40 thousand spectators. It hosts not only baseball matches, but also hockey, football, as well as various events, shows and concerts. Stadium tours are conducted daily, from 9 am to 5 pm, on match days tours stop three hours before the event. In winter, excursions are organized from 10 am. Fenway Park is an American baseball legend. Many events that have gone down in the history of sports took place at this stadium. You can see the arena and feel its atmosphere, which has been developing for more than a hundred years, both during the match and during an exciting tour.
Limo service from Boston Airport to Fanway Park
Limo service from Boston Airport to Fanway Park
Limo service from Boston Airport to Fanway Park

Road from Boston Airport to Fanway Park

The road from Boston Airport to Fanway Park takes an average of 10 minutes. In luxury limousines our limo service you can relax in the trip. We will do our better to make your trip in our car comfortable. We can stop at your request or on the contrary ride without stopping, if you are in a hurry to any point.